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For the first time since I’ve been having Crew Games, they got weathered out!  If you were able to compete early, you were lucky.  The wind decided it wanted to play too, which made it impossible to keep the game in place for others to play. 
Those who didn’t get to play will be given 20 show-up points. Contact me at  so that I can award your team points and update your score.
This was not how I expected my last crew game to go! While I will not be the Crew Development liaison much longer, I’m confident the position will be in good hands. Thanks to everyone who competed over the years. I hope it was as entertaining for you as it was for me!
Sue Palmer

February (Friends & Lovers)

Friends and Lovers 2024 is in the books and while the weather prevented a rocking good time for pilots, the crew games kept rolling along.

The kick-off to the 2024 competition year is showing no early favorites.  While Team Takatch took first place in the game Pick Up Line, they didn’t fare as well in Musical Cups.  The top 3 overall teams for this weekend are SquawkURs with 195 points, Penumbra with 192 points, and Half Hatched with 188 points. Check out the complete results and standings below. Yes, there will be a crew game in March, which brings me to another topic.

As of March, 2024 my term ends as head of Crew Development.  This means you could be the next person to continue the entertainment!  The position is open to anyone, crew or pilot, who is a member of AAAA.  Contact me (, or Karen Converse ( to find out how to be involved.

2024 Scores to Date

RankTeam NameTotal PtsTask 1 PtsTask 2 PtsTask 3 PtsTask 4 PtsTask 5 PtsTask 6 PtsTask 7 PtsTask 8 Pts
1Roy G Biv2651323895
3Squawk URs19513362

4Half Hatched18813454

5Sandia Sunrise II1851054535
6Seeking Nirvana17811563

7Takach a Breeze1701351520
8Bank Bobber1641291520
9Dezz (RC)15712037

10Air Rocky Top154953920
11Desert Mosaic1529557

12Tater Tot14513015

13No Boundaries1439548

13Road Trip14312815

15Plot Twist14112615


17Freedom Breeze12010515

17The Journey12010515

19Freedom RC balloon1156550

20MoJo Rizing105

21Ricky Bobby90

23Primary Colors15

Task 1=Pick-up Line, Task 2=Loving Cup, Task 3=Shamrock
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