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2023 Crew Games Underway

The 2023 Crew Competition season has begun!  More teams than ever competed at the Friends and Lover’s Balloon Rally, and they really came to play. 4 games were played over the weekend. On Saturday, the games were Heart’s Desire and Lady Jester. Heart’s Desire scoring was 15 participation points, time, and the number of hearts left at the end of the relay race. In addition, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd best scores earned an additional 75, 50, and 25 points respectively. The top 3 teams for Heart’s Desire were Bounce (1st), Bank Bobber (2nd), and Penumbra (3rd).   

The scoring for Lady Jester was 15 participation points, a beginning point total of 50 points with deductions for errors, plus combined with the quickest time.  No team made an error so it essentially became the fastest time won.  In addition, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd best scores earned an additional 40, 30, and 20 points respectively. The top 3 teams for Lady Jester were Freedom Breeze (1st), Grasshopper (2nd),  and Penumbra (3rd).

The weather didn’t cooperate for the pilots on Day 2, but that didn’t stop their crews from coming out to compete.  Compete they did!  The games for Sunday were Hearts-A-Fire and Levity.  

The scoring for Hearts-A-Fire depended on the number of cups knocked off the table, if the rubber duck also got knocked off, and the number of shots taken. In addition, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd best scores earned an additional 20, 15, and 10 points respectively. The top 3 teams for Hearts-A-Fire were Primary Colors (1st), Mr. Blue Sky (2nd), and Ricky Bobby (3rd).  

For Levity, the points earned were participation plus the point values of the rings tossed onto roses.  No additional points were awarded for top scores.  Teams Grasshopper and Air Rocky Top earned 40 points each. Freedom Breeze earned 35 points. Teams Takatch and Cool Beans earned 30 points each.

At the end of the competition, and after the dust settled, currently in the lead is Team Bounce with Team Grasshopper very close behind.

2023 Scores to Date

RankTeam NameTotal PtsTask 1 PtsTask 2 PtsTask 3 PtsTask 4 Pts
4Bank Bobber17165652120
5Freedom Breeze164
6Takach a Breeze14430651930
7Ricky Bobby140306545
8Ghostrider 953065

9Primary Colors75

10Air Rocky Top61

10Mister Blue Sky61

12Quiet Destiny (RC)5520
13Cool Beans48

14Dezz (RC)37


15Pixie Spirit36

17Squawk URs34


18Roy G Biv33

20Dub-L Up3030


22Sandia Sunrise II16

Task 1=Heart’s Desire, Task 2= Lady Jester, Task 3=Hearts-a-Fire, Task 4=Levity
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