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Board Liaison: Ian Whitling (contact form)

Flying Events Mission

AAAA flying events are supported by the AAAA Flying Events Committee. The committee’s mission is to provide opportunities for competition and the improvement of flying skills. For more information about the Flying Event Committee, please contact the committee chair.

About AAAA Flying Events

Just getting your pilot’s certificate is not enough. We seek to advance the technical and competitive aspects of flying, improve flying skills, and promote a safer flying environment. We provide a wide variety of flying events; formal, informal, local, or out-of-town.

Our events have three main goals:

  1. Encourage participation to help build camaraderie among club members.
  2. Establish an environment in which members can evaluate and improve their flying skills.
  3. Teach the rudiments of competitive flying.

Not only do these events provide a forum for pilots, but also for any balloonists interested in participating in the other side of a competitive event – scoring, organizing, and being a balloonmeister.

We’re serious about flying, but we always enjoy our tailgating afterward where the crew usually gets a chance to participate in a competition of their own – one that may involve their culinary artistry or just their physical creativity and coordination. Read more on the Crew-Development page. Whether you are a pilot or crew, come join us and share in the fun!

The Competitive Flying Event

First things first: understand just what competitive flying is all about and learn the event rules. Get to know what is involved in scoring an event; just exactly what you have to do for those points! And finally, learn just where you rate and who’s ahead or behind in the club standings.

Committee Meetings

While the committee does not have regularly scheduled meetings, we hold a balloon rally every month and need help with planning, scorers, check-in scanners, and other on-field support for the events. You do not need to be a pilot to assist with these events.
If you are interested in learning more or volunteering to help, please contact the Flying Events chairperson.

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