This page contains information on the Flying Events waiver, including the Crew Certificate of Understanding and the Letter of Authorization or LOA for flying in Albuquerque’s Class C airspace.

2024 Waiver

The 2024 FAA Waiver for AAAA allows “registered” pilots to fly at lower altitudes than listed in the FARs. These minimum safe altitudes are only in effect during scheduled flying events. As part of the waiver process, AAAA is required to collect and verify certain information about the pilot and their aircraft. AAAA does this through the AAAA PAD system. It is also required that “crew” (passengers) that fly during an event sign a Certificate of Understanding that they have been briefed on the details of the waiver. We collect these certificates electronically and to help ensure they are submitted on the day of the flight, no points, competition or show-up will be awarded to the pilot unless the certificate is submitted by noon on the day of flight.

Crew Certificate of Understanding

In addition, all crew (passengers) must sign a Certificate of Understanding, that they have been briefed on and understand the conditions of the waiver. This is also an electronic process and must be done on the day of the flight. See the link below to access the online certificate.

Letter of Authorization (LOA)

Class C airspace, by regulation, requires all aircraft to be equipped with an ADS-B reporting system. LTA aircraft are NOT exempt. However, there is no FAA-approved method or feasible way to install this equipment in a balloon. While the FAA works through this conflict, AAAA has a Letter of Authorization to be able to fly in Albuquerque’s Class C airspace. It is NOT without some restrictions and requirements. Current AAAA members may use the AAAA PAD system to sign the LOA and be included on the list sent to the FAA on a regular basis. Note you must read and understand the LOA before you submit your signature to AAAA PAD. (New version uploaded 3/24/2024)

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