Scoring System for AAAA Flying Events

AAAA Flying Events implemented the following Scoring System in 2021

Basic Rules

  • The target area will be 100 Meters or the confines of the field.
  • Flying Window will be approximately two hours but will be set that morning.
  • Unless otherwise noted, pilots must launch a minimum 1 mile from the target
  • All participating pilots and their balloons must be registered in AAAA PAD.
  • All participating pilots must submit the Crew Certificate of Understanding, electronically by noon the day of the flying event in order to receive any points. Failure to submit the form by noon will result in NO points, including show-up points for the event.
  • The pilot is responsible for uploading both their pilot and balloon information that is required for the FAA Waiver into PAD, our Pilot & Aircraft Database.
    • This includes, but is not limited to, aircraft registration, airworthiness, annual, pilot certificate, currency, and proof of insurance.
    • All valid and current information must be entered into PAD by 1700 the Friday before the flying event and must remain valid and current throughout the duration of the respective flying event, for the pilot to both participate and receive points.
  • To receive points for that day’s flying event, Show-Up and/or Scoring, the pilot must be fully registered in PAD, and sign in that morning on the field prior to pilot briefing if the pilot event includes an in-person briefing. If the pilot briefing is conducted by Zoom, then the pilot must be logged in for the duration of the meeting to receive Show-Up Points.
    • Note AAAA is now using an electronic scanning process to conduct the event sign-in. This badge is provided when a pilot entered information into PAD the first time. Replacement badges can be requested via email to
  • If you plan on participating in either the Friends and Lovers and/or Jingle Bell Balloon Rallies, in order to fly under the AAAA waiver, you must be entered into PAD by 1700 on the Friday before the respective Balloon Rally. This is regardless of whether you plan to compete or not.
  • Landing, or touching down in the scoring area, is not permitted and will lead to disqualification. Exceptions will be made when necessitated for emergencies, or the flying event has officially ended.
  • All participating pilots must carry an operating aircraft radio to monitor in case the flying event is canceled once released.
  • Only official standard “flying event baggies”, supplied by the pilot with their full name clearly marked on the tail, are to be thrown.
  • Baggies thrown outside the scoring area will not be scored and may not be retrieved.
  • Baggies must not be capable of injuring or maiming any members of the scoring committee!
  • No Live Video Streaming is allowed during competition.

Weather Issues

  • A scheduled flying event will be canceled if weather conditions are outside the waiver, or if there are deteriorating weather conditions that make a flight unsafe for all, or if the flying events chairperson, or the Safety Officer for that event feels it is ultimately unsafe to fly.
  • If you show up and the flying event is canceled that morning, every pilot who attended the pilot briefing, and registered (signed in) that morning before the pilot briefing, and entered all their information correctly into PAD the day before, will be awarded show-up points.
  • If the event is canceled by 2100 the day before through an email to all AAAA pilots, then no points will be awarded.
  • In the event that a Zoom Pilot Briefing was conducted for any flying event, pilots must be logged in to Zoom for the duration of the Zoom Briefing to receive Show-Up Points.

Points System

  • Show-Up Points
    • 200 points, awarded after check-in at pilot briefing
  • Scoring Points – determined by your score on the target
    • Total Scoring Points possible – 1,000 points
    • Each meter out from the center is -5 points
    • We will score to exact distance; distance will not be rounded off
      • Here are some example measurements and points awarded.
        • Throw dead-center on the X = 1,000 points
        • Throw 25 meters out from the X = 875 points
        • Throw 50 meters out from the X = 750 points
        • Throw 75 meters out from the X = 625 points
        • Throw 100 meters out from the X = 500 points
    • Pilots who score on the target will receive both their 1) Show-up Points, and 2) their Scoring Points. The scores shown below are for illustration purposes only. We will score to exact distance; not rounded off.
      • If you throw dead-center on the X, you would receive 1,000 points plus 200 points = 1,200 points
      • If you throw 25 meters out on the X, you would receive 875 points plus 200 points = 1,075 points.
      • If you throw 50 meters out on the X, you would receive 750 points plus 200 points = 950 points.
      • If you throw 75 meters out on the X, you would receive 625 points plus 200 points = 825 points.
      • If you throw 100 meters out, you would get 500 points plus 200 points + 700 points.
  • Show Up Points
    • All pilots who attend the pilot briefing, sign in that morning before the briefing, have all their information correctly entered into PAD by 1700 the day before, AND submit the Crew Certificate of Understanding will receive Show Up Points.
      • In the event that a Zoom Pilot Briefing was conducted, pilots must be logged in to Zoom for the duration of the Zoom Briefing to receive Show-Up Points.
  • Scoring Points Calculation
    • Total Possible Scoring Points (1000) minus the result of the Actual Distance Scored in Meters times 5, then add Show-Up points (200). We will measure to exact distance; no rounding off. See Points Calculator below.
  • Flying event Tasks – Fly-In-Task, Judge Declared Goal, Watership Down, or Hare ‘n Hound. Task announced at Pilot Briefing
    • If a Watership Down or Hare ‘n Hound task is called, the hare pilot will receive the average score of the pilots who scored (out of 1000 points) plus their individual show-up points.
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