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January’s Flying Event is Saturday, January 14, 2023, at 10th and Westside. That’s just north of Joe Harris Elementary School in Rio Rancho. Check-in (scanning) begins at 6:45 am. Sunrise is at 7:14 am. Pilot Briefing is at 7:15 am. Remember you must be registered in PAD to fly under the 2023 Waiver. (You have read it, correct?) Don’t forget your badge. And don’t forget to log in and submit your Crew Statement of Understanding. Starting this month, No Crew Statement, No Points!

2023 Scores to Date

With the enforcement of the No Crew Statement of Understanding, No Points rule, we’ll be displaying the points earned under each month, regardless of whether the Crew Statement has been submitted. However, if there is no Crew Statement submitted on the day of the event, the monthly points will NOT be added to the Total points.
Also note, that all document updates must be submitted to the AAAA PAD system by 5 PM on the Friday PRIOR to the event. Pilots need to have their badge scanned prior to the pilot briefing to participate under the AAAA Flying Event Waiver.

RankPilotTotalJanFeb D1Feb
MarAprMayJunJulAugSepNovDec D1Dec D2
1Garcia, Jennifer1197.51197.5
2Whitling, Ian1194.951194.95
3Richardson, Bobby1191.151191.15
4Smith, Paul1180.41180.4
5Takach, Keith1147.651147.65
6Wadsworth, William1142.21142.2
7Stanke, Natasha1126.851126.85
8Converse, Karen1107.751107.75
9Hutchison, Terry Scott1053.81053.8
10Keys, Rob966.4966.4
11Byer, Ryan806.8806.8
12Bair, Ray200200
12Beebe, Ken200200
12Candelaria, Joe200200
12Degattis, Colin200200
12Desantis, Becki200200
12Dimmitt, Bill200200
12Ellis-Ostgulen, Debi200200
12Fricke, Barbara200200
12Gonzales, Michael200200
12Healy, Robert200200
12King, Michael200200
12Kious, Thomas200200
12Mast, William200200
12Nakamura, Judy200200
12Sanchez, Ron200200
12Tuley, Ken200200
12Warren, Suzanne200200
12Wilson, John200200
12Yocom, Mark200200
12Duff, Jenny200200
32Coffing, Steve
32Duff, Jeff
32Garcia, Mike
32Griego, Rodney
32Hodges, Eric
32Kaufman, Blair
32Schick, Charles (Chuck)
32Smart, Rex
Note: Crew Waivers need to be submitted the day of flight for monthly points to be added to the total points.

Flying Event Documents

2022 ScoresAAAA PAD Instructions
2021 ScoresAAAA PAD Updates
2020 Scores2023 Waiver Document
2019 Scores2022 LOA Document
Crew Certificate of Understanding (link to complete)
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