Friends and Lovers 2023

It’s Friends and Lovers’ time. Here are the details you’ve been waiting for as well as a number of other reminders.

Registration party Friday, Feb 10, 5-9 PM
Registration at 5
Free Food, Cash Bar, music, dancing, and more at 7
Baggies due by 7
Registration/Check-in closes at 7
Flying and Crew events Sat / Sun Feb 11/12
Scanning starts at 6:15 AM
Briefing at 7:15
Crew Games, Tailgating, and more
Chili Cook-off Saturday 10-noon (winners announced at the Sunday brunch)
Brunch on Sunday, get your tickets on Friday night or Saturday! ($10 or $15 on Sunday)
Pilot registration and Crew of the Year nominations are CLOSED.

Flying Competition at F & L
As always, the weather will determine our tasks for the weekend. However, our plans as of this email are to hold three types of tasks. One is a fly-in to an X; two, a Hare ‘n Hound; and three, a ”Ring Toss” to a pole in the driving range one morning for cash. We will provide each pilot with a 13” ring that they are responsible for returning at the end of the competition if they did not throw. For the other tasks, pilots are to bring their own baggies and make sure the baggie has your name neatly printed on the end of the tail of the baggie.
Finally a couple of important reminders.
You must have your badge to scan in before the briefings on both mornings.
Your documents must be up to date in PAD by 5 pm on Friday.
And you must submit an electronic crew waiver each day, even if you don’t fly.

Note, we will not be able to look up your QR code if you forget your badge and we will not have the ability to update or verify any documents in person. If you need help prior to 5 pm on Friday, contact Ken, at

Crew D Competition at F & L
It’s the beginning of a new year of Crew Development Competition! For the Friends and Lovers Rally, there will be 4 games for crews to participate in. It’s an excellent opportunity to get in early on earning some significant points for the year.

On Saturday, the games will be Heart’s Desire and Lady Jester!

For Heart’s Desire, can you be the quickest in this race and not drop your Sweet Hearts?
Tired of hearts and flowers? Then the Lady Jester game is for you! 2 members of your crew will be needed for this Mardi Gras-themed game.

On Sunday, the games will be Heart’s-A-Fire and Levity!

Test your marksmanship as Heart’s-A-Fire is bringing the power and points!
Levity also tests your accuracy, and points will be won if you can levitate rings to a target!

Come for the ballooning and stay for the games!

All Activities at the Sid Cutter Pavilion and Balloon Fiesta Park.

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