Ground Schools

The AAAA Education Committee traditionally offers in-person ground schools 3 times per year. 2-Private Pilot*, 1-Commercial Pilot**. We have also produced updated and comprehensive online ground schools that are available year-round to match your time availability. These new learning opportunities are designed from the ground up to be engaging, informative, and a superior method for learning the material necessary to pass the written portion of your FAA exams.

LevelType2024 DatesRegistration Deadline
PrivateONLINEAvailable Anytime!None
PrivateIN-PERSONFebruary 23-25February 16, 2024
CommercialONLINEAvailable Anytime!None
CommercialIN-PERSONApril 26-28April 19, 2024
Chase Crew*ONLINEAvailable Anytime!None
*Not a true ground school, but presented in the same manner.

Online Ground School Information

1. The videos are in lecture format. In other words, they are all narrated. This provides a similar experience to what you’d experience in our in-person sessions. You will see very little of the instructor as we have built a lot of graphics and animation demonstrating the content. We include the test prep book as we use the sample material in the supplement. You should still use the book as part of your preparation for taking the test. Many of the videos have built-in places to pause the video and work through a problem or solve a posed question. In these cases, when the video is resumed, we walk through the assignment, allowing you to check your work, and find out where you might have gone wrong if you did. Also, you’ll have the email address of the instructor of that section in case you need more information. This is in addition to the ability to email the proctor/committee with any questions you have.

2. Each of the video lessons is followed by a Check for Understanding. 5-10 questions that resemble the questions you’ll find on the test and in the sample book. We provide the correct answer and an explanation in case you miss the question.

3. At the end of the course there is a “final” exam. You’ll see the correct answer, without the explanation. It’s 80 questions, that are randomly pulled from a bank of 400 questions. So you can take it multiple times and have a different test each time. We require 80% correct to be able to complete the course.

4. Upon completion, which includes the above 80% passing rate on the exam, you’ll get a Certificate of Completion, an endorsement via Email and snail mail, and a sticker for your logbook, all with the endorsement to take the written test. This endorsement is good for 60 days.

5. Access to the course material is for 6 months. If you complete the course, ie, get the endorsement, within that 6 months, we’ll extend your access to the material to one year from your enrollment date. The concept is – that you pass the written exam and then within 6 months, hopefully, you’re ready for the flight test, having access to this material is a good review for the oral portion of the flight check ride.

6. Both the Private Pilot and Commercial Pilot Online Ground School are NOW AVAILABLE! Head to the AAAA Online Store to purchase access to the class. No registration or advance signup is needed. Once you complete the purchase, within 48 hours you’ll receive a couple of emails providing access and more details on getting started. These ground schools are available year-round for work at your own pace. (Six months max with extension for completing the course within 6 months.)

IN-PERSON Ground School Information

  1. The classes are held over a weekend, starting Friday evening. A typical schedule is Friday 5-9 pm, Sat 7 am-5 pm, Sun 7 am-5 pm.
  2. Sections are presented live with immediate question and answer sessions in each session. Instructors are available between sessions, during breaks, and during lunch to provide additional assistance.
  3. While instructors will check for understanding throughout their section, there is no end of lesson or end-of-course quiz or test and no requirement to pass any “exit exam”.
  4. On Sunday afternoon, the proctor will issue endorsements in the form of a logbook sticker and certificate for presenting to the test facility. The endorsement is good for 60 days.

*Private Pilot Ground School is intended for those seeking a private pilot certificate or crew members seeking to learn more about ballooning from a pilot perspective. **Commercial Pilot Ground School is intended for those seeking a commercial pilot certificate. It is recommended students already have a private certificate before taking this ground school.

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