AAAA Ride Donations

An important element of the AAAA Community Relations program is the donation of balloon rides to worthy community organizations. If you would like to donate a ride, contact the Community Relations Chairperson.

If you have questions about what is possible, please contact the AAAA Community Relations Committee at or to request a ride donation or appearance complete this form.

Ride Donation Policy

  • AAAA-sponsored ride donations shall be provided only for non-profit, charitable organizations. Civic and community-related events will also be considered.
  • AAAA will not sponsor rides for organizations seeking fund-raising opportunities for non-charitable activities.
  • The AAAA Community Relations Committee shall judge if requests meet the non-profit, charitable organization eligibility standard.
  • If requests for ride donations exceed AAAA’s ability to fulfill them, the Community Relations Committee shall determine the priorities for ride donations
  • This donation policy only applies to ride donations sponsored by AAAA. Individual AAAA members are encouraged to donate rides to any organization of their choosing, including those that are not eligible for AAAA-sponsored donations.
  • Tips for requesting a balloon to launch or tether or a donation of a ride:
    • Please send an email to the Community Relations Chair with the following information: your name, organization, background on the organization, the timeline for donation or event, and adequate contact information.
    • Please make requests at least 2 months before your deadline.
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