Allan Jones Volunteer Award

This award, formerly known as the AAAA Volunteer of the Year Award, was first awarded in 1991. The award was renamed in honor of respected AAAA member and volunteer Allan Jones who died in a powerline accident during the 1993 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. This award is presented to an AAAA member who has contributed significantly in time and effort to the operation of the club and ballooning in the community. In addition, the recipient must have participated actively on at least one standing committee or had significantly contributed to the bettering of relations between the ballooning community and the public at large.

The solicitation for this award is not published. Members of the Board of Directors are solicited at the January and February meetings for nominations. Candidates may also be chosen from the nominees for the Bob Ruppenthal Award.

1991Tommy Thompson2003Jim McKinney &
Shelly Foxworthy
2015Diana Gilson
1992Neta Bell2004Kevin Cloney &
Barbara Fricke
2016-No Award-
1993Karen Glinski2005Al Lowenstein2017?
1994Carol Bair2006Jim Martin &
Warren King
1995Ed & Roberta
2007Rolinda Tzamaloukas2019?
1996Neta Bell2008Lichele Peete2020Debi Ellis-Ostgulen
1997Mary & Charlie
2009Jennifer Greenwood2021Ken Tuley
1998Mary Lou Wilson2010-No Award-2022-No Award-
1999Robbin Busick2011Carol Bair2023Peter Cuneo
2000Ray Bair2012Sam Bradshaw
2001Carolyn Grantham &
Jonathan Abdalla
2013Michelle Lutz
2002Kay Sant2014Kat Pattyn
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