Frost Buddy Universal Can Cooler


TEN SIZES IN ONE: This is the ONLY Universal slim can insulated cooler for you!

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In 10 colors, a limited run of AAAA engraved universal can koozies.  Colors available are: Black, Pink, Red, Purple, White, Grey, Light Blue, Navy Blue, Aqua, & Yellow.

Perfect for tailgating when you don’t know what beverage will be offered!


– 12oz Cans (Natty Lights, Busch Lights, Dr. Peppers, etc.)

– 12oz Slim Cans (White Claws, Trulys, Mich Ultras)

– 11.2oz Smirnoff Bottles

– 12oz Coors Light Cans

– 12oz Bottles (Bud Lights, Miller Lights)

– 16oz Cans  (Craft Beers, Bangs, Monsters)

– 16oz Bottles

– 16oz Coors & Miller Pints

– Coors Banquet Bottles

– Most 16.9oz (Dasani & Coke) (Does Not Fit All)