Love is in the … AIR!

Please read entire post for all the dates, times, rules and details about this event.

Below is our flyer with all the details for anyone who wants to come out and enjoy the show. Please feel free to save this image and the map below and post this to your social media or send out as an email to your friends, family and crew.

This is the map for all spectators and anyone without a pass.

Friends and Lovers (February 8-10, 2019):

Schedule of Events:

Friday, February 8:  

Registration Party, 5:00 – 8:00 PM

Baggie Decorating Drop Off:  5:00 PM – 7:30 PM

Saturday, February 9:  

Check in and briefing – 6:15 – 7:00 AM (ish)

Baggie pick up all morning

Crew Target Opens:  7:30 (ish)

Cooking Contest Judging:  10:00 (ish)

Pavilion closes at 12:30 PM

Sunday, February 10:  

Check in and briefing – 6:15 – 7:00 AM (ish)

Brunch:  9:00 AM (ish) 

You must pick up your parking passes on Friday night in order to park in the Fiesta on the Green and Sid Cutter lots Saturday morning.  Handicapped parking is EXTREMELY limited so please only use it if you 1) have a handicapped placard and 2) you really need it.

There will be raffles each day and a silent auction that will end partway through the Sunday brunch.  Crew contest prizes will be awarded at the brunch as well as Crew of the Year and pilot prizes.  Brunch tickets will be available all weekend and will be $5.

Special Events is still accepting nominations for Crew of the Year:

We are looking for 3 pilots to volunteer to do tethered flights on Saturday — this is our largest spectator day and tethered flights are a HUGE draw for the event.   If you would like to volunteer, please contact Charity.

Below is the pilot and sponsor map. You must have a pass to park in this area.


Friends and Lovers Tailgate Competition:

Date February 9, 2019 (Saturday)
Time Frame* 6:45 am to 11:00 am
6:45 am to 9:45 am:  Let Event Staff know of intention to participate.
10:00 am:  Judging Begins
Winners Announced at the Sunday Brunch
Make your best/signature tailgate dish and incorporate Mother’s Circus Animal Cookies.  Dishes will be judged on:

  • Most Creative
  • Crew Participation
  • Best Use of the Secret Ingredient

Friends and Lovers Baggie Decorating:

Baggies will be accepted during the Friday night Pilot Registration Party on February 8, 2019
between 5:00 PM – 7:30 PM.

● Baggies MUST NOT create a hazard when dropped from a balloon.

● Baggies must include the theme “My Furry Valentine”

● Two matching or complementary baggies:

     ○ One for Pilot to drop for competition

     ○ One for Crew to use for competition

● Baggies must not weigh more than 4 oz. each.

● Baggies must have a tail between 2 & 4 feet in length.

● Tail must include the following information:

     ○ Balloon Name

     ○ Pilot Name

     ○ Crew Chief Name

● Baggies will be judged by our Balloon Meisterins and the winner will be announced during the Awards Ceremony & Brunch on Sunday, February 10, at the Sid Cutter Pavilion.

● Entries will be judged on appearance, creativity and conformity.

● Baggies will be available for pick up before Pilot Briefing on Saturday morning.


Friends and Lovers Crew Target/Creative Cheating:

The Crew Target and Creative Cheating will be combined this year.

  • Crews must creatively find a way to get their baggie from the chase vehicle to the target, WITHOUT it touching the ground.
  • The vehicle must not stop … it CAN move very, very slowly … and it MUST NOT leave the pavement.
  • The most creative way of getting the baggie to the center of the target wins.
  • Bribes will not be accepted … Get creative with your cheating instead!!!!!