December found us without our usual Jingle Bell non-rally, but with a Flying Event and Crew-D competition.

Two pilots made it to the target Mike Heffron and Rebecca DeSantis placed first and second respectively.

On the crew side..a holidaze trivia contest was held online with first place and 100 points going to Team Shotgun Rider. Second place (75 points) for Twist of Fate and in third (50 points) Team bURd.

That brings us to the end of the competition for the year and the overalls are in.

For Flying Events,  unofficially, our top five pilots for the year are Joe Candeleria, Rebecca DeSantis, Al Lowenstein, Tom Fisher, and Trenten Caldwell. The complete list of scores, by month, individually, and overalls can be found on the Flying Events page.

While you’re there, if you are planning on competing in 2021 flying events, you’ll need to get your documents submitted to the AAAA PAD system. The button in the email didn’t work, sorry, but everything you need to know about how and the links to upload your stuff is all on the same Flying Events page.

Thanks to all who participated in our December competitions.

Happy Holidays