‘What’s the Word’ Contest?

Create a Safety Legacy to Protect Crew!

Leaving the ground outside the basket never ends well. Though universally understood, “Weight off!” has no redundancy or feedback and may come late or go unheard. To that end, we’re seeking a universal catchphrase for crew to call out, command, and confirm “grounded” status which meets these criteria:

  1. Only 1-3 words.
  2. Instantly understandable and actionable by all crew and civilians.
  3. “Communal property:” equally authoritative when yelled by pilots OR crew alike.
  4. Clearly and quickly repeatable any time the basket leaves the ground or begins climbing.
  5. Standing order meaning let go of the basket BEFORE launch and immediately let go if you’re lifted off the ground.

Some pilot or crew member already has this word or catchphrase and knows EXACTLY what to say – is that you?  If so, what’s the word? Every balloonist nationwide has a chance to create a crew safety legacy for all of us.  Visit us at https://forms.gle/8dFn8KZzEM9pGoEr5  to submit entries or email your entry suggestion to whatsthewordcontest@gmail.com.

Contest Rules~ Winning entry prize is $500.00 plus one free registration to the BFA 2022 Convention. Contest dates are July 1, 2021, to October 1, 2021. Results will be announced at Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta. Enter as often as you like. One entry per email. Email entry must have your suggestion and name. Multiple duplicate entries of the same word or phrase will be decided by random drawing. The Selection Committee decision is final. No prize substitution although BFA Convention registration is transferable. BFA Convention Registration does not include travel, hotel, or food.

Selection Committee: Scott Appleman-Duncan Dunavent-Jason Jones-Sue Palmer-Sam Parks


Dawn Chase

BFA Social Media Director