AAAA Fiesta Safety Seminar 2023


2023 AAAA Education Committee

Fiesta Safety Seminar

Sid Cutter Pavilion

October 10, 12:00- 5 pm MDT

Theme: Be Ready for a Bumpy Ride!

Check-in, registration, and lunch start at noon. The presentations start at 1 pm.


# Presentation Title Presenter Duration
1 Crisis Management in the Age of  Social Media Kristelle Siarza 45 min
2 Chase Crew Course Overview Ken Tuley 30 min
Break 15 min
3 Thermals – The Easter Event Collin McClung 45 min
4 Micrometeorology – Thermals and the 2022 Fiesta Thunderstorm Don Day 45 min
Break 15 min
5 Sharing Airspace with Drones Ray Romero, Aaron Raimist – FAA 45 min


The cost for the Safety Seminar, which includes a box lunch, is as follows:

Pilot AAAA Member – $40
Pilot Non AAAA Member – $50.00
Crew – $30.00

Registration closes at 3 PM on Friday, Oct 6, 2023. You will be able to register at the door on the day of the seminar, however, lunch is NOT included on the day of registration.

We are using e-tickets for this year’s Safety Seminar. Once purchased, you’ll receive an email receipt that contains a link to your tickets. You will need either an electronic or a printed copy of this ticket for us to scan to verify your seminar registration. If you purchase multiple tickets, like for your crew, either arrive together, share the email with them, (agree on who is using what number ticket) or print the different tickets and distribute them. The tickets are numbered on your receipt and once scanned, they cannot be reused.

There are three levels of tickets, Pilot AAAA Member, Pilot Non-AAAA Member, and Crew. The Crew level does not include insurance verification. Within each level, there is a lunch choice. Meat, Veggie, or Gluten free. Please make your choices carefully.

AAAA Membership will be verified!

If you need to renew or join AAAA, complete that process before purchasing the seminar. Renew/Join AAAA

Once you have made your selection(s) press “Add to Cart” to add your information, review your order and enter payment.

Important note! If you would like us to report your attendance to your insurance you will need to follow the link on your receipt to provide that information. If you do not complete this form, we will not know who to send your attendance report to. Again the link is on your receipt. Please complete it ASAP or before the Safety Seminar.


376 tickets remaining.