Practical Test Standards – Commercial (PDF)


Commercial Pilot PTS



COMMERCIAL PILOT Practical Test Standards for LIGHTER-THAN-AIR BALLOON, AIRSHIP (FAA-S-8081-18A) Effective November 2023

The Flight Standards Service of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has developed this practical test book as the standard to be used by FAA inspectors and designated pilot examiners when conducting commercial pilot — lighter-than-air (balloon and airship) practical tests. Commercial lighter-than-air pilots exercising instructor privileges are expected to use this book when preparing applicants for practical tests. Applicants should be familiar with this book and refer to these standards during their training. Information considered directive in nature is described in this practical test book in terms such as “shall” and “must” indicating the actions are mandatory. Guidance information is described in terms such as “should” and “may” indicating the actions are desirable or permissive but not mandatory. The FAA gratefully acknowledges the valuable assistance provided by many individuals and companies who contributed their time and talent in assisting with the revision of these practical test standards.

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