2020 Schedule of Events

Friday, February 7th

5:00 pm – Doors Open for Pilots, Sponsors and Crew.

Baggie Drop-Off Opens

Brunch Tickets available for Sunday $5/person

Dinner Buffet Opens

5:30 pm – Welcome Remarks

6:15 pm – Raffle

7:00 pm – Baggie Drop off closes

7:30 pm – Raffle, Reminder that Sid closes at 8pm

Saturday, February 8th

6:00 am – Doors open / Baggie Pickup

7:00 am – Pilot Briefing

9:00 am Raffle

11:30 am Raffle

12:30 pm Pavilion closes

Sunday, February 9th

6:00 am – Doors open

7:00 am – Pilot Briefing

9:00 am – Doors open for Brunch and Buffet opens

9:45 am – Welcome Remarks

Awards/Silent Auction/Raffle

Rules for Baggie Contest:

Baggies will be accepted during the Friday night Pilot Registration Party on February 7, 2020 between 5:00 PM – 7:30 PM.

Baggies MUST NOT create a hazard when dropped from a balloon.
Baggies must include the theme “Love You to the Moon”
Two matching or complementary baggies:
One for Pilot to drop for competition
One for Crew to use for competition
Baggies must not weigh more than 4 oz. each.
Baggies must have a tail between 2 & 4 feet in length.
Tail must include the following information:
Balloon Name
Pilot Name
Crew Chief Name
Baggies will be judged by our Balloon Meisteren. The winner will be announced during the Awards Ceremony & Brunch on Sunday, February 9, at the Sid Cutter Pavilion.
Entries will be judged on appearance, creativity and conformity.
Baggies will be available for pick up before Pilot Briefing on Saturday morning.
Crew of Year Award:

The Friends & Lovers Balloon Rally is traditionally a time for pilots to thank their crews for their hard work and dedication. To this end, we are pleased to announce a new recognition program at the 2020 Friends & Lovers Balloon Rally — Crew of the Year.

We want to know why your crew is the best — Do they remember your birthday? Help you rip stitches when you need a repair? Wash your basket and clean your burners for your birthday? Take landowner relations to a whole new level? Take tailgate to a whole new level? We want to know!!!!

Email your nomination to


and tell us why your crew should win the Crew of the Year Award and the corresponding FABULOUS prizes!

-Nominations will be accepted via email from today until 5:00 PM on Friday, January 31st.

(We REALLY want you to email these in early so we have time to read them!)

The Friends & Lovers Crew of the Year will be announced at the Awards Brunch on Sunday, February 9th.

We look forward to hearing about all the REAL heroes of ballooning!!!

Crockpot Cooking Contest Rules

All food items must be cooked in the crockpot they arrive in.
Can be any type of food from chili to meatballs to a dessert. Go wild!
Please have 4 servings available.
No more than two bites per serving.
Presentation will be judged for small bite. You will need to provide all plating and serving items, these will not be provided.
If we fly, judging will begin promptly at 10:00 AM on Saturday, February 8th.
If we don’t fly, judging will be promptly at 8:00 AM.
To respect the time of our volunteer judges, if we fly, please ensure you or your designee are onsite to plate and present your submission for judging. If no one is available to present your submission for judging, you will be forfeit.
There will be no crowd favorite for this contest

Creative Cheating

All bribes will be accepted by the Special Events Committee for all Crew Game Events

There will be a separate prize for the most creative cheating

Flying Competition

There will be a flying competition on the first flyable day.

This will count as the AAAA Feb flying event.
This will count towards AAAA overall scores for the year.
Prizes will be awarded to our Top 3 pilots.

By Ken