Unless you were one of the lucky ones to have flown in early March before we all started staying home, you may not be current, and then there is the thought of being proficient. Count back 90 days from the day you want to fly and see if you have logged three takeoffs and landings in your logbook.
§61.57 of the 14 CFRs states that no person may act as a pilot in command of an aircraft carrying passengers …unless that person has made at least three takeoffs and three landings within the preceding 90 days. So, if you are not current, you will need to fly solo and do those three takeoffs and landings prior to flying any passengers, if you think you want to share your basket with someone afterward. Some pilots count three bounces as complying with this requirement. A more considered approach is to complete 3 controlled take-offs to level flight and 3 controlled approach and landings.
§61.56 states that no person can act as pilot in command of an aircraft unless a flight review in the 24 months before the month in which that person acts as pilot in command has occurred and has been endorsed in the person’s logbook. The FAA did waive this for pilots flying essential missions, and it required the pilots to jump through other hoops. That waiver does NOT apply to us flying hot air balloons. So, if your 2 years ended during this shutdown, then it is time to find a current commercial pilot and spend an hour flying (maybe getting those 3 takeoffs and landings) and an hour on the ground.
Currency is not proficiency, however. You’ve done your 3 take-offs and landings, but are you comfortable as PIC? If the answer is ‘kind of’, a suggestion is to go far out from populated areas where there are open areas to refamiliarize yourself with your balloon (how does this work, how much heat do I need, etc.) and to figure out how you will do things to keep yourself and your crew safe when flying.
We all want to be flying again! Please be certain you are complying and proficient before flying!