Every balloon crew has its own routines and procedures and some of them will probably change as we get back in the air.  For me, an immunosuppressed person, I plan to make some personal changes until more is known about the Covid-19 virus and at the very least an effective treatment plan is in place.
These are the steps I will be taking to hopefully stay as safe as possible. I will be wearing a mask.  This is more to keep anyone else from getting sick should I be asymptomatic. I value my ballooning friends too much to risk endangering anyone’s health.  While uncomfortable in the summer, it should be pretty dandy in the winter for keeping my nose warm.  Why hadn’t I thought of this before?
Gloves?  Absolutely but they come with the sport, so that’s not a problem. I will also be carrying hand sanitizer to clean my hands when things need to be done without gloves.
Social distancing will be something I will be keeping careful track of and doing as much as reasonably possible during inflation and pack up.
I will be chasing in my own vehicle when the weather is cold or if there is too much crew, and I can’t ride in the bed of a pickup truck.
Tailgating will be case by case. If we are going to breakfast, I will decide if I want to go depending on where we are going.  Weck’s?  Always too crowded so I’d probably pass. Taco Cabana? Usually not terribly crowded so I might join in. Outdoor tailgate?  I will probably be bringing my own treats for a while.
Will I fly with my pilot?  That will also be a case by case thing depending on how many will be in the basket, how research on the virus is going, etc.
Again, these are my personal choices and decisions; an immunosuppressed person. Yours may be different.
Please just take a moment and think about what is right for you as we all return to the sport we enjoy!