Not sure if you have seen or heard of the recent grassroots effort called “Lifting Spirits around the World” yet, but if you haven’t, see the links below to read and learn more about it.  Lifting Spirits is a worldwide effort starting here in Albuquerque, NM.

AAAA’s mission statement is to promote the sport of aerostation (ballooning) for the benefit of its members and other interested persons through community involvement.  The board would like to encourage you to join in that effort and put balloons in the sky to offer thanks to our community and all front-line workers.

The most commonly recognized front-line worker is in the medical field, not the behind the scenes worker who helped keep food on the store shelves, mail delivered, trash picked up and supplies moving across America. Now is the time which we should show thanks to all front-line workers and to the local business who have sacrificed so much during this global pandemic.

Visit your local grocery store, ask if there is a stellar employee who went beyond that should be recognized. Maybe you perform a random act of kindness for someone in uniform, the teacher down the street, buy someone a cup of coffee…

As mentioned above, check out the information below about Lifting Spirits. We will share any information as it is shared with us.

Lifting Spirits Facebook page 

Lifting Spirits Website

Yours truly,

AAAA Board