August 2021 Featured a Cornhole Tournament.
Hope everyone had a good time at our first in-person AAAA Crew-D event in a couple of years!  The Corn Hole Competition was full of excitement.
First place went to Team Grasshopper with a winning score of 8 points.  They received 100 points and the 1st place prize package.
Second place went to Team Kaleidoscope with a score of 7 points. They received 75 points and the 2nd place prize package.
There was a battle for third place due to a tied score of 3 points each. Battling head to head, in 2 rounds of sudden death toss-off, were the teams of Sandia Sunlight and American Beauty. Both teams fought valiantly for the 3rd place finish, but Team American Beauty came out ahead.  Team American Beauty received 50 points and the 3rd place prize package.
All other participants received 30 points toward their overall scores.
Thank you to all who came out!

And check out this video from Pat Chando of the competition.

By Ken