updated 3/28/2022

AAAA has an LOA with ATC regarding Class C airspace. The Final, signed version has been posted. The effective date on the LOA is Monday, March 28, 2022. A list of 105 AAAA pilot members, N numbers, and signatures was submitted on Monday morning.

New “badges” have been sent to those 105 which indicate 2022 membership and LOA signature. You’ll continue to use this for AAAA Flying events, and it may help you if you have to deal with the FAA regarding the LOA. Not to mention it shows you we have submitted your signature.

Still need to get on board? Head to bit.ly/AAAAPAD and follow the instructions about what to upload, sign etc. And there is now a place for instructors to enter the N number(s) of their student balloon(s), without having all the other required information for the waiver.

Questions? Please reach out to board@hotairballooning.org.