Crew D competition took to the air for March 2022 with a task for CREW to throw a baggie on a target, FROM A BALLOON!  The winds were very tricky for most of the pilots. What should have been, wasn’t.  What seemed improbable, was somehow probable.
As a result, only two teams were able to make it to the Crew D target.  Both were really great throws.  However, Team Tentai – The Sequel was nearest to the center of the target, with a distance of 9′ 6″  This earned them 75 points in the overall total.  They are now the team in first place.
Team Sunset Mini was the only other balloon to make it to the target, with a distance of 12’9″.  They have earned 50 points. Check out the full points for 2022 on the right side of the page.