November Winners

November’s Flying Events Competition found 28 pilots scanning in for a cold morning of flying. William Blizzard was the hare taking to the sky with a quick ground wind. Those that got airborne quickly had that same breeze and a chance of making it to the target. Those that waited for the ground wind to calm, found themselves struggling to get the distance and direction to the target. Two pilots made it close enough to drop a marker. Natasha Stanke (10.82m) and Bobby Richardson (25.40m). See how the scores and show up points feature in the overall competition by checking out the Flying Events page as we head into the final month of scores for 2022.

Only .28 of a second was the difference between 1st place and 3nd place in our latest Crew Development competition. In a super heated competition with very determined competitors, 12 teams tested their skills stuffing a fake turkey. While it was a timed game, it became apparent that accuracy was also important. 
3rd place – Double Trouble earning 25 points with a time of 32.82 seconds 
2nd place – Grasshopper earning 50 points with a time of 32.69 seconds 
1st place – Team Sandia Sunrise earning 75 points with a time of 32.54 seconds 
All other competing teams earned 15 point for participating. The scores have been posted on the Crew Development page.
Team Tentai still holds 1st place overall, but who knows what December will bring? Mark your calendar for December 10 and 11 for Crew Games at the Jingle Bell (non) rally.