Crew-D Competition

Saturday’s winners for Shoveling Snow were:

1st place – Team Tentai – 115 points
2nd place – Team Plum Fired Up – 110 points
3rd place – Team Play Me – 108

All other teams received 15 participation points, plus the number of “snowballs” they shoveled into their pile.

Saturday’s winners for Orna-Mental were:

Sandia Sunrise, Twist of Fate, and Bank Bobber.  These teams successfully completed the surprisingly difficult task and scored 105 points.  It looked so simple online!  Due to the difficulty, all teams received 30 participation points.

Sunday’s winner for It’s Bananas were:

5 teams scored 75 total points.  These would be the Teams of Sandia Sunrise, Bounce, Grasshopper, Bank Bobber,  and Play Me. The top 3 teams with the fastest times to complete the task also received 10 bonus points.  Those teams were Grasshopper, Penumbra, and Saki Bomber. The 10 extra bonus points put Team Grasshopper in first place for the day’s game, with a total score of 85 points. All other teams earned 15 participation points plus the number of points scored in the task.

All scores have been posted to the Crew-D page.  The top 5 teams will be awarded prizes at the Awards Banquet on January 7, 2023.

Thank you to all the teams who came out to compete.