We now have a waiver from the FAA for our 2023 Flying Events. You can download the entire document in one package. Remember when you scan your badge at an event, you are certifying that you understand the contents of the waiver. Here’s the actual paragraph.

Each pilot entering the AAAA Flying Event certifies by signature below that he/she possesses a valid FAA certificate to fly hot air balloons. That the balloon entered in the event meets all FAA regulations for airworthiness & registration. That the balloon is covered by a liability insurance policy to pay for personal injury and property damages which might result from the operation of the balloon. The pilot assumes responsibility for his/her actions while participating in this flying event. Further, each pilot understands that he/she is flying under AAAA waiver of FAR 91.119 (b) and (c).

Of note, ADS-B provisions are NOT waived. Neither are visibility and clearance from clouds. Only minimum safe altitudes are waived. You’ll have to read the waiver to see what the “new” limits are.