Yes Virginia, there will be a Friends and Lovers Balloon Rally in 2023. The theme is Loads of Love and the dates are February 11 and 12, with a welcome/registration party on Friday evening, February 10.
Here are the highlights.

All gatherings and activities are at the Sid Cutter Pavilion at Balloon Fiesta Park. Flying competition will also be at Balloon Fiesta Field.

  • Baggie competition at the Friday night party.
  • Flying competition both mornings
  • Crew-D competition for the year both days
  • Friends and Lovers Crew games during the event
  • Chile cook-off on Saturday
  • Crew of the year announced at the Brunch on Sunday

Email with details was sent Sunday, Jan 15 at 1:45 MST to 2022 and 2023 AAAA Members as well as posted to Facebook. Deadline to register is 5pm on Monday, Feb 6. 2023!