A new calendar year means a new member year for AAAA members. Renewal notices were sent to current members Monday morning, with a link and instructions to renew online. Emails to those who were not a member in 2022 but were a member in past years will be going out before the end of the week. Just like we piloted last year, renewal online is simple and involves entering your member number which brings up your information for confirmation. Click confirm, or enter updated information, enter your payment (if necessary) and click on Submit. We do ask a few questions to help us understand our membership base a little better and we certainly appreciate you taking the time to provide that information. When filling out the online form, watch for the red asterisk. Those fields are required and some times are dependent on other fields on the form. We hope you’ll join us in 2023 by renewing your membership in AAAA. If you were not a member in 2022, you must become one by January 24, 2023 in order to received a ballot and vote in the By-Law change election now underway.