You probably did this before.  Remember when you were learning to fly and you set your basket up and practiced re-lighting your pilot light?  Do you remember your stuck blast valve procedure, or how to get that fire out?  What other emergency procedures did your instructor run you through?
The emergency procedures for your system are laid out in the Manufacturer’s Operating Limitations and Flight Manual.  When was the last time you looked at that list?  When was the last time you practiced?  Go ahead, drag out your basket that you have been inspecting and detailing.  You’re proud of your work.
With appropriate social distancing consideration and a little help, you should be able to set your basket, burner, and fuel system.  Then, hop in and practice.  You might even want to practice your tie-off. Should you open the tank valves and use up some fuel?  That’s up to you, but the better the practice, the better the result.
If you choose to light things up, naturally make sure you’re well clear of overhead and downwind obstacles and have all the appropriate safety equipment.  Your helpful crew member can help maintain social distance with the curious on-lookers you’re sure to draw. It’s no substitute for the real thing, but a little simulation and thought will help your muscle memory and skill.
See you out there, soon!