The Friends and Lovers Hot Air Balloon Rally is taking shape a little differently this year.

Traditionally, the club has a wonderful weekend of friends, flying, and fun held in February to celebrate our crew. However, since that is not possible this year we are going to do something special because we are “Still loving you from a distance!”

Now, here is where the important “fun” information is:

Now, if that doesn’t sound like an amazing day, you are missing all of the fun. To make this happen you should be aware that there are strict rules and guidelines that MUST be followed. Additional and specific instructions about Saturday, February 13, waivered flight from Balloon Fiesta Park will be emailed out to only those who sign up for their reservation.

Balloon Fiesta Park Rules and Guidelines (Enforced by CABQ P&R Dept.)

  • Masks MUST be worn at all times
  • 5 People per Balloon
  • 6′ or more Social Distancing
  • Balloon Spacing (Plenty of room, the whole field is available)
  • NO TAILGATING ($600 penalty)
  • Additional guidelines will be sent separately

Hybrid Briefing

  • MUST use Zoom for 7 AM Briefing
  • Stay in your vehicle

Goodie Bag Drive-Thru

  • MUST have Certificate of Understanding completed and ready to hand to Special Events/Flying Events Committee Member
  • MUST have your Mask on
  • MUST remain in your vehicle (because aren’t you driving?)

Wow! That is a lot of “MUST” items… well because we want to continue to love you, we ask that if you decide to participate, that you follow these guidelines to allow everyone to be safe and healthy.

If you are ready to reserve your space, please complete the form no later than February 6. We will not accept any late admission, it is just not possible, so don’t even think of asking!

Love Your Friends!