It’s time for another Flying Event. Saturday, November 11, Westside and 10th. That’s just north of Joe Harris Elementary School. We’ll meet in the parking lot at Joe Harris Elementary School! Scanning begins at 6 a.m., Briefing is at 6:30, and sunrise is at 6:36. PAD emails were sent Sunday at about noon, make sure your documents are up to date and don’t forget to submit the crew certificate of understanding (waiver) if you come out to fly.

November is also the return of the crew games.  This month’s game was a request to bring back The Bird!  If you remember last year, a rather worried, perhaps somewhat terrified-looking turkey was stuffed with “cranberries” and “cornbread”. It will be a timed game, with a couple of simple rules.
One crew person will stuff the bird.  One other crew person can pick up any of the stuffing that falls to the ground, and place it back in the bowl, NOT in the turkey.  The turkey must be left on the table, and not held under an arm, etc.
Participation points for all teams who play?  Of course!  Extra points for the first through third teams with the best times. The winning team will also get to take home the Crew flag until the Jingle Bell Non-Rally.